6 Meaningful Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Coworkers NOT your Partner


Contrary to popular belief, Valentine’s Day isn’t only a celebration for couples. The idea behind Valentine’s Day is to spread love in an increasingly emotionally diluted world. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and meaning across all sorts of relationships. It is as much a day to celebrate and appreciate your relationships with friends, family and even co-workers as it is for your partner and you.

However something people usually struggle with is getting a gift for their partner that actually holds some meaning for them; it naturally gets harder when choosing one for your

We’ve compiled a list of the most meaningful and creative, yet affordable gifts for your co-workers that will definitely get you ordering right away!

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Give your company the gift they’ve been waiting for this Valentine’s day

Lately an increasing amount of awareness in workplace happiness has taken over corporate management by storm. The realization has caused workplace happiness to move higher up in the list of priorities, justifiably so, it is pretty intuitive when you think about it. It is of utmost importance for an employee to be content with where and how they spend a third of their day, every day of their life.

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