Give your company the gift they’ve been waiting for this Valentine’s day

Lately an increasing amount of awareness in workplace happiness has taken over corporate management by storm. The realization has caused workplace happiness to move higher up in the list of priorities, justifiably so, it is pretty intuitive when you think about it. It is of utmost importance for an employee to be content with where and how they spend a third of their day, every day of their life.

Happiness, however, isn’t something that just happens. It is a creation of careful construct, a blend of countless different elements working together towards one goal: A happier atmosphere in the workplace. When something like Valentine’s Day comes up, it’s an opportunity that you do not want to miss to create the happiness that your office deserves.
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Bringing the force together

Unlike most celebratory events that end up as holidays, Valentine’s Day is the perfect celebration for your company this February to move towards a happier culture. Social events are invaluable means to bring employees together and develop great interpersonal relationships. A more collaborative environment is formed out of such interactions. It’s easier for employees to cooperate and solve problems when they feel like their relationship is more than just work.

Giving two employees who have secretly been wanting to make it up to each other for a while the opportunity to bond with over a game of ‘2 truths, 1 lie’ not only loosens up any tension between them, but also gives them a unique opportunity to learn more about each other and therefore humanizes them into something more than another office employee. Playing something like ‘icebreaker’ allows newer and quieter employees to get integrated with the rest of the office helping create a more collaborative ambience. Events such as these allow people from the office that otherwise would have nothing to do with each other directly due to the way business processes are designed.


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Burn the burnout

Other than improving upon aspects of team building and cooperation, use Valentine’s Day to save your employees from ‘burning out’ and let them blow off some steam. Get creative with what you want to make the event into, make employees play games, or join social causes and go on a drive to help the homeless for example. Getting them away from work and making them feel like they are much more than work apparatus, allowing them to build fond memories with their ‘second family’ not only gives your office a happier, content vibe, it also differentiates you from all your competitors. Memories that are associated with the workplace will often result in a more tight-knit community that understands and values loyalty.


Planning well

At the end of the day how your company spends the day exactly is entirely up to you. To create, fond, lasting memories, it is imperative that your employees actually enjoy the event. Get creative, talk to your employees and get their opinions, make sure the day integrates all kinds of people and has something for everybody in house.

Lastly, it is important to understand that spending Valentine’s Day as a celebratory event with your employees is more than just a way to improve upon workplace efficiency and productivity. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and giving. Give back to your employees, make them feel valued, joyous and full of energy because they deserve it.

Spread lots of positivity and love by giving your company the gift they’ve been waiting for this Valentine’s Day!

 Click Here to Spread the Love Among Your Team!